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Learning to do some wood burning! Super relaxing because it smells like a campfire when do you do it. Here’s a test attempt…
A lil’ doodle for a birthday. Hello there!
Forgot to post this - it’s from the Pee-Wee Herman show at Meltdown in Los Angeles.
Newest paper craft piece for the Meatball Head Sailor Moonshow at Meltdown Comics Nerdist Showroom in Hollywood CA. “They Came From Planet Mau” - Sailor Moon pussycats.

Sorry for the shitty photo, I’m still trying to figure out how to photograph these things…
AWESOME NEWS! Monday, I start work at Warner Brothers (on the studio lot) as a character designer on a new show for Cartoon Network! Super excited! I now work for the wabbit. :)
Saint Peter, protect us

Okay so Mads Mikkelsen drew this for charity and I just loved how dorky it was so there’s only one thing I could do

Was playing around the design a bit too. I like the guy looking bewildered on the bottom, probably will continue to draw him that way from now on

Arica Tuesday on tumblr

Did some modeling last weekend.
I’ll post more when I get the shots they took.

geekysideburns asked: AHHH! Seriously seriously adorable art, milady!

Ohhhh goodness - thank you Kristen! It means so much coming from you! Such wonderful work!! <3 <3

My friend Mick knows me so well.
They see me rollin&#8217;
Drew this a while ago and never posted
I&#8217;ve been blowdrying my hair upside down ever since. 

Anonymous asked: Hey Arica I'm a huge fan of your work. I was wondering if it would be cool if I used one of your drawings for a shirt, more specifically the Hipster Mickey Drawing?

Hi there! Who is this? :) You don’t have to be anonymous! Let me know who you are. It should be fine, as long as you don’t sell any - please send me a photo once you’ve done it!

A little something for Steph&#8217;s birthday! &lt;3 Happy Birthday hon!

I was mentioned in Animation Magazine!

Nickelodeon, which has a 30 year tradition of bringing groundbreaking toons to TV, has announced its programming slate for 2014-15 — which will include new animated series, re-ups of viewer favorites and the acclaimed Animated Shorts Program.

My pieces for the Wes Andershow in Los Angeles. Trying to teach myself to paint. 

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