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geekysideburns asked: AHHH! Seriously seriously adorable art, milady!

Ohhhh goodness - thank you Kristen! It means so much coming from you! Such wonderful work!! <3 <3

My friend Mick knows me so well.
They see me rollin&#8217;
Drew this a while ago and never posted
I&#8217;ve been blowdrying my hair upside down ever since. 


These are some little doodles I created for the header of my new personal tumblr - 

Hammy In A Bee Suit

Please add me!! I’m going to be very active on the new tumblr, and hopefully it will inspire me to update this tumblr more often!!

Thanks! <3

Anonymous asked: Hey Arica I'm a huge fan of your work. I was wondering if it would be cool if I used one of your drawings for a shirt, more specifically the Hipster Mickey Drawing?

Hi there! Who is this? :) You don’t have to be anonymous! Let me know who you are. It should be fine, as long as you don’t sell any - please send me a photo once you’ve done it!

A little something for Steph&#8217;s birthday! &lt;3 Happy Birthday hon!

I was mentioned in Animation Magazine!

Nickelodeon, which has a 30 year tradition of bringing groundbreaking toons to TV, has announced its programming slate for 2014-15 — which will include new animated series, re-ups of viewer favorites and the acclaimed Animated Shorts Program.

My pieces for the Wes Andershow in Los Angeles. Trying to teach myself to paint. 

aricatuesday on tumblr

everythingfreaksmeout asked: Arica!! Did you draw that Unikitty?? Also hi. :-)

Hey there! Yes, I drew the unikitty.

Saw The Lego Movie tonight - wow. 
Here&#8217;s some Unikitty! &lt;3
Happy Valentine&#8217;s, everyone! &lt;3 &lt;3


Pterri from Pee-Wee&#8217;s Playhouse!

by Arica Tuesday
Bunny with Rice
By Arica Tuesday